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The best guruwalks in Verona (1)

Free Tour Wonders of Verona, Stories and Legends
Free Tour Wonders of Verona, Stories and Legends
Guru: Vivaldi Tours
Days: Sunday and Saturday
Languages: Spanish
Duration: 2 hours
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What to see in Verona?

Verona is one of the most charming cities in northeast Italy , located within the Veneto region and relatively close (approximately 120 kilometers) to the largest lake in the country, Lake Garda. In addition, one of its main charms is that it is bathed by the Adige River, enlivening the walks through its streets and multiple bridges. The city of Romeo and Juliet , where they swore eternal love, is a perfect destination to spend a day or a weekend. In fact, one of the most special dates is Valentine's Day, although in reality the holiday runs from February 13 to 15, and may coincide with the Carnivals.

We recommend that you give free tours with local guides a chance to get to know a city like this. Beyond visiting the essential places in Verona , you will learn the history and secrets of each monument or street, as well as receive advice on where to eat, additional places to go or places that offer some discounts to travelers. One of the main points of interest in the city is the Arena of Verona, one of the largest amphitheaters of the Roman era after the Colosseum in Rome , as well as the Piazza delle Erbe which is an ancient Roman forum that is considered to be the square best known of the city. You should also visit the Torre dei Lamberti that acts as a viewpoint and you can see all of Verona from the top of its 84 meters high. Finally, you cannot leave without having gone to Juliet's House, (Il Cappello) which was the palace of the Capulet family where you can find thousands of messages of love written on the front door. Get more information about the essential places to see in Verona with the recommendations of our local guides.

All free walking tours in Verona (in the mornings or afternoons) are open to receiving opinions from walkers who have made the tour with the local guide, valuing the experience, both for the tour and for the professional accompaniment service. The most normal thing is that after having done a guided tour, travelers repeat in other cities such as Naples or Genóva .

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