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Hey there!:) I am Shih-Heng from Taipei...an enthusiastic road cyclist, an amateur violinist, a data analyst during the week, and of course, your English/Spanish/Chinese tour guide in Taipei!

I started to work as a part-time tour guide outside of regular office hours (as a SQL/Python geek) since 2017, right after studying in Spain/Denmark/Slovenia for my master's degree and joining free walking tours myself in 20 European countries. Unlike most tour guides you meet in other touristy cities/countries, I am not making a living by offering these tours (don't get me wrong, I am still a licensed tour guide) - so why am I here anyway? Well, it is because I see walking tours as nice opportunities to share my knowledge about Taiwanese history/nature/culture with you, and get to know more about your own culture:D

I have a great interest in languages, since I not only speak native Chinese (Mandarin) as well as Taiwanese but also English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and a bit of German and Catalan. I am also quite familiar with the cultures in Europe, Southeast Asia, and Latin America, so if you happen to be from these regions, I am pretty sure that you will understand the Taiwanese culture more easily from the stories I prepare for you on my tours. So far, I have shown 2,000+ international travelers from 30+ countries around Taipei City, and I look forward to seeing you as well!

Are you a foodie, nature lover, or culture explorer? If so, I am exactly your ideal mate to accompany you in getting to know Taipei and Taiwan better! Book a tour with me or send me a private message to personalize your itinerary (especially if you are passionate about hiking, cycling, and food)!

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28 Nov 2023 Las Vegas
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Travelled alone - Nov 2023

Once in a lifetime tour. A must if you are visiting and be sure to pack light - small hike but well worth the walk. Learned a lot about culture and history.

26 Nov 2023 Singapore
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Travelled in couple - Nov 2023

Shih Heng is a great guide, he is effectively bilingual in Mandarin and English and knowledgeable about the area since he stays in the neighbourhood. He is able to adjust the pacing well, if you have done the walk up Bukit Timah hill in Singapore, you should be able to do this walk with no issue. There are some steps, maybe around 4-5 storeys high that are more challenging but overall do-able if you do not have major knee issues. The trail is well pave, might get a bit slippery if it rains, recommend shoes with a bit more anti slip soles or hiking boots. There are also pit stops along the way to rest and for water breaks. Overall enjoyable and a great way to enjoy Taipei, apart from the eating and shopping.

Nurul Farhana
12 Nov 2023 Singapore
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Travelled alone - Aug 2023

I recently embarked on a hiking adventure that turned out to be unexpectedly fun and rewarding. The trail, though challenging, provided an exhilarating experience that I will cherish for a long time. One of the journey's highlights was the incredible support and encouragement provided by the trail guides. Their patience and motivation were crucial in keeping the group energized and determined to conquer the ascent. Despite the physical challenges, their positive attitude created an uplifting atmosphere that made the climb enjoyable. The trail was no walk in the park, offering a genuine test of endurance and skill. However, the sense of accomplishment upon reaching the summit was unparalleled. The view from the top was nothing short of breathtaking, with panoramic vistas that made every step of the climb worthwhile. The guides also shared fascinating knowledge about the local flora, fauna, and geological features, adding an educational element to the adventure. One unexpected but delightful aspect of the hike was meeting fellow travellers. The shared experience of conquering a challenging trail created a sense of camaraderie among the group. Exchanging stories and tips with other hikers enriched the journey, turning it into a social adventure. In conclusion, this hiking trail provided more than physical exertion; it offered a holistic experience that combined challenge, motivation, stunning views, historical insights, and the joy of connecting with fellow adventurers. I highly recommend this trail to anyone seeking a memorable and rewarding outdoor experience. A big thank you to the guides for making this adventure truly unforgettable!

06 Nov 2023 New York
Verified booking
Travelled alone - Oct 2023

Beautiful hike, lots of interesting information, very nice guide. He paced it well for the diverse group, had extra water and snacks to keep us going, and we ended at a wonderful tea house. I never would have found this gorgeous trail on my own.

Response from Shih-Heng
Thanks for coming to my tour Joan! So glad that you enjoyed not only the natural scenery but also the stories I shared with you 😊
15 Oct 2023 Sursee
Verified booking
Travelled alone - Oct 2023

Einfach Fantastisch Die Route sowie die Aussicht sind wirklich toll. Shih-Heng weiss so viel über die Geschichte Taiwans & spricht authentisch und ehrlich über die Religion/Kultur in Taiwan. Der Besuch im Tempel ist sehr lehrreich um kulturelle Details zu verstehen. Der letzte Stop im Tee-Haus ist sehr lecker 😋 Ich würde wieder gehen Ri

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