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Sarajevo Insider was first established as a team of highly trained professionals who are well in touch with the tourism industry and have been in the tourism operations business for over 15 years. Armed with vast knowledge and endless love for the country and its incredible history, we present it with passion, professionalism, and enthusiasm. As ambassadors of the city of Sarajevo, we make sure that our guests' visits are much more pleasant and memorable. We offer customized vacation packages, tours, and excursions that will give our guests the opportunity to truly experience the country and have an unforgettable experience. Our team is dedicated to creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere to ensure that our guests feel at home and among their friends. Attention to detail and learning about the needs and interests of our guests is what gave us the competitive edge for over fifteen years and counting. For more than 15 years of our operation, Sarajevo Insider has successfully established itself as the #1 choice for guests and partners in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. During our operation, we provide services to more than 150,000 guests from more than 100 countries with unforgettable experiences in more than 10 languages. Sarajevo Insider is confident that all groups, no matter how large or demanding, will be accommodated and cared for to the highest standards that Insider had set in conducting our duties and operations. Enjoy an extraordinary experience with our local Insiders. We offer a variety of interesting and entertaining tours and excursions that are tailored to suit everyone's tastes and areas of interest. Whether you're looking to learn about history, culture, tradition, nature, or just a night out with friendly locals, Sarajevo Insider will do it.

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24 Oct 2022 Magdeburg
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Travelled alone - Oct 2022

14 Sep 2022 Kraków
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Travelled in group - Sep 2022

16 Aug 2022 Barcelona
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Travelled in group - Aug 2022

07 Jul 2022 Graz
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Travelled alone - Jul 2022

22 Jun 2022 Osijek
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Travelled in group - Jun 2022

Emina was great as a tour guide. She took us through old town and showed us and explained to us its history, which is very interesting. Emina will give you the answer to any question you have or instructions if you need it. She has good positive energy. I recommend her to anyone who will visit Sarajevo.

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