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Best things to do and see in Bratislava

Bratislava, capital of Slovakia, is the most important city in the country, being the reference both economically and politically. The city is located very close to the border with Austria and Hungary, following the route of the Danube and surrounded by the Little Carpathians. Lush forests are added to this landscape where you can go hiking while enjoying nature. The old town (historical center) dates from the XVVIII century and is limited to pedestrians, so it is very pleasant to walk through its streets as well as to have a drink on the terraces of bars and restaurants.

If you do not want to waste your time looking for the points of interest that are worth visiting, we advise you to do a free walking tour in Bratislava with an official local guru who will show you the essential places of the city. One of the sites that is usually the favorite of travelers is the Castles rebuilt on the hill (Bratislavský Hrad) with spectacular views over the old town itself, as well as the Danube route through the city. Another place that is very close to the imposing river, is Devín Castle, as well as visiting St. Martin's Cathedral, Most SNP Bridge (UFO Bridge), Grassalkovich Palace where the president of the country resides, the Church of Santa Isabel , outside the historic center, the Slovak National Museum where you can soak up the local culture, as well as the Primate Palace that houses one of the city's main auditoriums.

Another place that you must include in your route is the UFO Observation Deck viewpoint from which you can have a view of the Danube river, in addition to the rest of the city. It is usually one of the points that stand out in their opinions the walkers who have made a free tour in Bratislava in GuruWalk. In the end, the panoramic views offered by the city are one of the best summaries that you can take with you during your visit. After your visit, if you still want to know the world, cities like Zurich, Nuremberg or Cologne also have guided tours.

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