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If you read biographies of writers, you probably realized that writing and walking goes hand in hand. Hemingway was a big walker, so were Charles Dickens, Henry David Thoreau, Ernest Hemingway, Kate Chopin, Ralph Waldo Emerson and also contemporary writers like Delphine de Vigan. I still love writing and aim to do it every day but in the tradition of the big writers I feel like it should be combined with walking. What better idea then to also offer walking tours?

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11 May 2024 Berlin
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Travelled alone - May 2024

02 Oct 2023 Berlin
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Travelled in couple - Sep 2023

Die Tour mit Kyria hat Spaß gemacht. Auch für mich als Berlinerin waren viele neue Infos und Fun Facts dabei. Kyria hat ein gutes Insiderwissen zum Bezirk und einen unterhaltsamen und spannenden Erzählstil. Dankeschön. Gerne machen wir das wieder mal 😊.

01 Oct 2023 New York

Ignorant American writing here! Loved hearing where famous horror-movie tropes that are alive and well today come from. Knew jack shit about Dark romanticism, German expressionism and how they were pioneers of Tim Burton, Ridle Scott and all of my heroes. I am a somewhat tired film student who has found some new inspiration here. Forever grateful for this tour!

27 Sep 2023 Hamburg

wärmstens empfohlen.

27 Sep 2023 Berlin

I was only moderately interested in David Bowie or Marlene Dietrich before I went on the tour. The day I went on this tour was the day I decided to move to Berlin and breathe all of the history and culture , Kyria generously diseminated throughout the tour. Not exaggerated! I have been listenting to him nonstop now and even ordered his biography! AAANd also discovered the movies of the WEimar republic. How did I became 35 years old and never heard of this gold??So grateful for this tour!

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