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Like much of Germany during WWII, Cologne’s metropolitan area was almost completely destroyed by the intense warfare that took place there. Today, it is a cultural and economic center for Germany’s Rhineland region. When you discover this city on the Rhine, you will be delighted by the mix of modern and old-world architecture that you can discover with the help of a local guide from GuruWalk in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

If you want to get to know all the most iconic spots in Cologne, try a guided free walking tour. This way, you can get oriented with the streets and places from the first day and find all the things you sometimes don’t get the chance to when you are alone in a new city. Choose from a selection of different routes online that feature the popular landmarks like Cologne Cathedral-the UNESCO World Heritage Site, St. Gereon’s Basilica, its Old Town, St. Maria Im Kapitol Church, or the Ludwig Museum and some of the lesser-known ones like the pubs in the Belgian Quarter, the Kolumba Museum, a chilling stop at the NS Documentation Center Museum, or a visit to the Fragrance Museum where you can learn about this city’s name and claim to fame. 

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