About Recorriendo Roma

Walking around Rome is born, like any project, an idea; to make known the History of Rome in the most exciting way possible.

We are a team of licensed professionals in History and Archeology dedicated to the tourist service in the Eternal City.

Our objective is that each visitor that shares this experience acquires knowledge and sensations that transport it in a timeline from Ancient Rome to Contemporary Rome through an imaginary and at the same time real journey. And Rome offers a wonderful range of possibilities; Whether you are walking through its streets, admiring its monuments, visiting its museums or tasting its gastronomic specialties without comparison with any other European city.

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Dani, con su entusiasmo, nos contagió a todos y nos hizo un tour dinámico, entretenido y didáctico. Aprendimos mucho, que es el fin de esta actividad. Gracias


Vanessa Gallego

5 days ago