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I was born in Lagos all the time hearing stories from my uncle who was the curator of a local church. I entered a History course at the University of Braga, between 2012 and 2016. After finishing that course, I began to investigate everything that my uncle had taught me in documents, books, of course I was upset. But I can say that all the information you gave me was accurate. I also learned from some scholars that I felt they had the same passion for research and for this city. I was lucky to meet these people as they were always a reliable source. I launched the Lagos Walking Tour Project in 2018. Lagos, and the entire Algarve, have always been known for beautiful beaches and exquisite cuisine. The idea of me creating this project is to be able to give another offer and cultural perspective in addition to all the sun and beaches.

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Phil 09/13/2021

Christopher 09/12/2021

Nico 09/11/2021

Great tour with Lìgio! History, fun, curiosities and much more! Thank you so much!!

Sylvester 09/07/2021

We had a great and informative walk through the most interesting places in Lagos. A real nice and professional tour guide who with lots of enthusiasm has no problem of telling the history of the beautiful town of Lagos. Can definitely recommend! :-)

Saraswati 09/06/2021

A nice tour with a fun guide.

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