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Best places to visit in Santiago de Compostela

Spain offers one of the most varied tourist offers on the planet, with corners, villas and towns with a great history and rich cultural heritage. The city of Santiago de Compostela is a very representative example; located in the northwest of the country, it receives thousands of tourists every year. Famous for being the last stop on the Compostela route and for its beautiful Cathedral in honour of Santiago, this city offers an interesting experience, not only cultural, but also religious and gastronomic, where it is possible to enjoy a rich heritage and carry out a great number of activities. 

Galicia has the honour of having this iconic city, the goal of the many paths that lead from the interior of Europe, crossing the country. An excellent opportunity to enjoy a beautiful city, with many interesting corners to see and with some very interesting dishes to savour such as the Galician-style Octopus, the Scallops au Gratin, the famous Galician Empanada, the Greens Soup and the sweet Tart of Santiago.

One of the main reasons to visit the city is because of the tomb of the so famous saint, located in the Cathedral. One of the best ways to enjoy a visit to the city is to sign up for the free walking tour in Santiago de Compostela, which covers the most interesting spots in the old town and the most recommended visits to the city. Important stops such as the bustling Plaza del Obradoiro, a visit to the Portico de la Gloria on one of the facades of the Cathedral, the Monastery of San Martín Pinario or a walk to Monte Pedroso from where you can admire the magnitude of the city.

The University is of special importance in the city, an obligatory stop as well as the Market of Supplies, a good recommendation to acquire some of the Galician specialties. The museums also have an important presence in the city, like the Museum of the Pilgrimages or the Museum of the Pobo Galego, as well as the recommended Galician Center of Contemporary Art.

This Galician corner is an obligatory stop for those people who are looking to visit the most important cities in the country, where they can enjoy the most interesting corners on a free tour of Santiago de Compostela, the best alternative to traditional excursions, and a recommended way to make the most of your stay in this beautiful northern city.