******The White Umbrella Free Tour******

******El paraguas blanco*****

******Der weisse Regenschirm*****

*My promise: My tour comprises the most iconic and significant landmarks in Helsinki at a walking distance in 2 hours!*

Hey, my name is Kari, I am from Helsinki, Finland. In Helsinki I have been doing walking tours as a freelancer for quite a while. The role of doing walking tours is very appealing to me, because I strongly believe that my personal experience and education make a perfect fit for this job. If you book a free walking tour with me I will certainly not only show you the most famous landmarks in Helsinki but I will also unlock some of the most interesting treasures in Helsinki. I will only advance a few very interesting treasures now like the all year around open air sea swimming pool, the glass house café, the high-end clothing and accessories stores, the hidden tunnels that serve as bunkers and connect the railway station with all 3 largest malls in the city center. If you stay longer in Helsinki I strongly recommend to purchase the Helsinki citypass, which is available on google play and apple store, it will give you free or discounted access to museums, ferries and many more tourist sites.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting you!