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About Riga

Northern Europe treasures really interesting tourist destinations, where there is an overwhelming cultural offer, with countless buildings and historical monuments, a large number of museums and one of the most important heritage of the continent. The Latvian capital is a clear example of this. Located at the junction of the Baltic and the Daugava River, the city of Riga is one of the great jewels of Europe, which every year exceeds in receiving a greater number of tourists, eager to discover this beautiful city.

This city is famous mainly for medieval helmet, of genuine wooden buildings, but also for having some of the most interesting art nouveau constructions in the world, perfect to organize a small short break of a few days to explore its lively streets, go shopping and enjoy its recommended cuisine with dishes such as the tasty “Karbonāde” pork chops, potato salads or “Rasols”, beet-based soups, or those made with barley like the typical and cold “Skābā Putra”.

The beautiful capital of Latvia has some essential points to visit, which are mandatory stops on every free walking tour in Riga. For example, one of the main visits to the city is its recommended “Rātslaukums” or Town Hall Square, where you can visit the impressive House of the Blackheads or the recommended Museum of the Occupation of the country, where the different invasions suffered are collected along its history. Very close to the town hall, The Church of San Pedro is another point of great interest.

Fans of art nouveau-style architecture have a large group of buildings with facades typical of this French movement on “Alberta iela” street. In the street “Mazā Pils” it is interesting to approach the facades of “Trīs brāļi” or the Three brothers. Other recommended stops are the Freedom Monument located in the "Bastejkalns" park. To be able to contemplate the beauty of the city, it is advisable to approach the Academy of Sciences, a perfect place to get some snapshots of this city. One of the most interesting alternatives to tour the city and get to know its most attractive corners, is to sign up for the free tour in Riga, where by hand of professional guides with several years of experience, it is possible to know the most relevant secrets, history and details of the city. Beautiful Latvian city. Other cities with guided tours are Moscow, Warsaw or St. Petersburg.

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