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Hello, My name is Adis!

Adis Hamzic - Licensed Tour Guide in Sarajevo

I am a Tour Guide in Sarajevo, a place where I was born and lived my entire life. I'm professional and licensed Tour Guide. I'm passionate and love history. I offer my clients custom tour services of tours and excursions. Besides. My job is to show you my city and introduce you to Sarajevo, a place where east meets west. Sarajevo is one of the most diverse cities in Europe, a city rich with history, love and tolerance! Over the past years, I had privileges to guide many travelers through my city and make them very happy.

If you are planning on visiting my city Sarajevo, please let me know and I will make sure to take you to all important places and introduce you to city's rich history, cultures, traditions, and religions.

I'm looking forward to meet you and make your time in Sarajevo one unforgettable experience!

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Ratings (178)

Eline 10/25/2021

Beatriz 10/24/2021

Response from Adis
Dear Beatriz, thank you very much for your review. Best luck on your travels and hope to see you again in Sarajevo! Adis
Roselie 10/24/2021

Adis is a super knowledgeable person about Sarajevo and really has a talent for storytelling. I would 100% recommend taking the tour with him.

Response from Adis
Dear Roselie, thank you very much for your review and for such a nice words. I'm happy to know that you enjoyed my tour and I hope to see you again in Sarajevo. Adis
Marta 10/23/2021

Response from Adis
Dear Marta, thank you for your review. Adis
Craig 10/23/2021

Response from Adis
Dear Craig, thank you for your review. See you again! Adis

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