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Discovering the Bank of the River Thames.

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About the tour

meeting point: next to the monument of Queen Anne in front of the Cathedral of San Paulo, Postal Code EC4M 8AD Places that are part of the tour (does not include entrance): 1 Cathedral of San Paulo 2 The Millennium Bridge 3 The Globe of William Shakespeare 4 The CLink Prison 5 The Borough Market 6 The London Bridge 7 The London Port 8 The Tower Bridge I invite you to learn about the history of a town that has never lowered its head before anyone and that with tenacity and courage has forged the present of today's world. Let's delve together in the curious event of the sale of the London Bridge as we enter the oldest market in the city who takes away! Maybe we meet Harry Potter or one of the protagonists of the super productions that have been shot there while enjoying a pork sandwich with over a thousand years of history. But if you like plays, I invite you to learn about the history of the theater of William Shakespeare, who undoubtedly would have felt fortunate to write the adventures of Cristopher Wren when he challenged the King to build the most important architectural jewel in England.

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How to find me: You will recognize me because I will wear a yellow jacket and a fluorescent green umbrella.
Tour duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes

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Muy agradable y ameno el William nos contó historias muy Recomiendo el tour.



20 days ago

El guía simpático hizo muy amena la ruta. Contó algún secreto para conocer mejor la ciudad.

Lo recomiendo



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Juan Uriol

30 days ago

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