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Best Free Walking Tours in the World!

Best Free Walking Tours in the World!

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Are you a true believer in the afterlife? Do you love ghost stories that keep you awake at night? Have you experienced some paranormal activities? Or maybe do you just want to have a frightfully good time? Well in that case, if you can stomach it, if you dare, come and join us on our Free London Ghost Tour! Let us introduce you to a whole new side of this ancient city, the London of the dead.

Learn about London’s most glamorous ghost hidden in the theaters of the West End, and of its sightings by famous contemporary thespians, or the tales of the beheaded king who still haunts his prosecutors. Stroll through some of London’s most beautiful parks by day, yet most cursed at night. Hear the stories of poltergeists from the 1970’s, of Dukes being attacked and wounded by ghosts in the middle of the night at a Royal Palace, and of ordinary men being startled by ghosts at pubs; for in this haunted town of London, the Ghosts are so irreverent that they don’t understand social classes, and no one, absolutely no one, is safe from them!

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How to find me: Meet between the M and M's World and Lego Store in Leicester Square and look for our guide with the Strawberry-shaped Umbrella!

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12 months ago

Jonny was really informative, bright and well-organized. top-notch tour. loved it!

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