Free walking tours in Porto


Best things to do and see in Porto

Porto is the second most important city in Portugal, after Lisbon. Also known for its bridges over the Douro River or for its wine, it is a tourist destination that draws attention for its stunning sunsets or for its local cuisine, as well as for the entire architectural spectrum of the town.

One of the best ways to get to know the city of Porto is to do a free walking tour with a professional guide who will discover the secrets of this city. The most emblematic sites of the city are the Don Luis I Bridge, Livraria Lello, Church of the Clérigos, Palace of the Stock Exchange, walks through the narrow streets of the Ribeira, Dragão Stadium, Church of San Francisco, Porto Cathedral, House da Musica, Serralves Foundation, Crystal Palace Gardens, Serralves Contemporary Art Museum, Arrábida Bridge and Bolhão Market.

You can see the opinions of the walkers with their corresponding assessment both to the guide and to the experience of the guided tour itself. The city of Porto offers a large number of routes and excursions to enjoy both its streets and its cuisine. Other nearby destinations are Braga and Coimbra.