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Hi! My name is Nicolas! I am an architecture student and have been living in Valencia for 3 years.

I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to live in many countries, among which are the United States, Canada, Venezuela, Chile, Mexico and my country of origin; Bolivia.

I have always been passionate about the cultural diversity and history that exists in each place and one of the things I like the most is to learn about the places where I am.

In addition to my university studies, I am a professional pianist and in my spare time I take the opportunity to discover new places or visit the ones I already know to study them more. When I go out, one of my favorite activities is to draw the landscapes that I find on my way.

I love this city and it is my passion to be able to teach its wonders to travelers who pass through it.

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Anthony 11/21/2021

Not to be missed !!

Benoît 11/13/2021

Nicolas es muy agradable. Conoce muy bien la historia de valencia y la arquitectura. Gracias

Hernan 10/26/2021

Nicolás is a great tour guide. His knowledge of architecture and music provide an interesting mix for the tour.

Leslie 10/26/2021

Me encantó el Tour!! :D Gracias Nicolás, seguramente vuelva a hacerlo :D

Bob 10/25/2021

See earlier remarks.

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