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Fes is considered the third city of Morocco, after the capital (Rabat) and Casablanca. On a religious level, it is the capital of Islam in the country, being a pilgrimage for thousands of faithful throughout the year. The city is listed as one of the wonders of North Africa, for its labyrinthine streets, its mysterious and medieval spirit as well as being an open-air museum. In fact, the zenit of the city tour arrives with the medinas (Medina Fez el-Bali and Medina Fez el-Jdid) as well as the Ville Nouvelle and the two most famous neighborhoods: the Jewish quarter and the Andalusian neighborhood.

If you really want to know this city, it is not enough to go to the places that they recommend, it is also important to know the history and culture that are hidden behind a monument or building. That is why many travelers choose to take a free tour in Fes (in the morning or in the afternoon) with a local guide who can accompany you and help you discover the essentials of this town. The essential places that you should know in addition to the outstanding medinas and neighborhoods are Volúbilis, Meknes, the Zocos in Fez, Medersa Attarine, the Bab Bou Jeloud Gate, the Karaouine Mosque, the Chouwara Tannery, the Royal Palace of Fez, the Mulay Mausoleum Idrís, Seffarine Square, Medersa Bou Inania or Medersa Cherratine.

You can find out about what experience the free walking tours offer in Fez with the opinions of the travelers who have already done the tours and who have evaluated both the tour and the knowledge of the local guru that has accompanied them. Knowing a new city is always a challenge that makes us strive to know new ways of living and thinking, the help of an expert residing in that place being very useful.

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