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Best things to do and see in Valencia

Valencia is the capital of the Valencian Province and is one of the top cities in attracting tourists from all over the world. Located in southern Spain, it lies on the Mediterranean coast and is the point where Turia River meets the sea. This privileged position makes it the third-largest city in Spain, behind Madrid and Barcelona. Although it is a coastal city, you wouldn’t know that as you walk through the narrow streets of its Old Town during one of the best times to visit, Spring when the colors are at their brightest and the temperatures are perfect. But you may want to consider going there a little earlier to get the chance to celebrate this city’s largest street festival, Las Fallas. 

Having so many iconic places to visit, it could be very helpful to start your holidays off with the help of a local guide, or guru, who can show you all the major spots and those lesser-known gems on the tour routes so you can discover the true side of Valencian culture and history while giving you some insider tips on what and where to eat! There are different free walking tours in Valencia which will take you around to amazing places like The City of Arts and Sciences, with its 7 modern architectural buildings, L'Hemisfèric,(IMAX Theater) the Principe Felipe Science Museum, L'Umbracle, the Oceanographic, (Aquarium) the Palau de les Arts, (Opera Hall) the Agora and the Bridge of L'Assut d'or. There are other tours with different routes that will take you to the Old Town to see other historic places like the Virgen’s Square with the Cathedral and the Basilica of the Virgen, or you could visit Valencia City Hall and the generous Square of the same name in front, the Lonja, the Central Market, The Serrano Towers and the old, medieval gate to the Old Town, or you could also take a stroll down Turia Gardens, and even go to the largest freshwater lagoon in Spain, La Albufera, where you can see the diversity in plant and wildlife at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. 

All the free walking tours in Valencia have reviews and opinions from other travelers who have already done the guided tour, and about both the route and the local guru. Book and choose a tour in the morning, the afternoon, or the evening depending on your own itinerary. What’s more, you may also be interested in checking out similar free walking tours in other Spanish cities like Alicante or Tarragona.