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Dear travellers, I welcome you to my hometown of Dubrovnik, where I was born and raised. Let me tell you the history and way of life as a local who has been living and working in the Old City for many years. Even in the most difficult moments, during the recent Patriotic War in Croatia, I was here, proudly defending the "Grad" and its people, as we locals call Dubrovnik with a capital G, which means: "The City ". As a fellow traveller who has travelled to all the continents of the world, I know what it is to be a tourist, so give me the opportunity and pleasure to meet you and show you this fascinating and charming old city. As quoted by the famous Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw: "If you want to see heaven on Earth, come to Dubrovnik." I truly believe that being a local and having many years of experience working in tourism will guarantee you only the best service and pleasure during your visit. So, join me on an adventure to discover and learn about the little hidden secrets that only the natives know, which have made Dubrovnik a unique and very special city known worldwide, called "The Pearl of the Adriatic". Be my guest, take a tour and explore the depths of Dubrovnik and its divine surroundings, immerse yourself in history, culture, gastronomy, language, nature, art, tradition, customs, ... and enrich your knowledge and return home with the desire to return! Looking forward to meeting you. Vlaho

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19 May 2024 Amherstburg
Verified booking
Travelled in couple - Jan 2024

16 May 2024 Montebello
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Travelled alone - May 2024

Wonderful tour +++++ A must do in Dubrovnik!

16 May 2024 Sheffield
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Travelled in couple - May 2024

Superbly explained the complex history of the city. Extremely interesting. Super enthusiastic

Joj Y
15 May 2024 Melville
Verified booking
Travelled alone - May 2024

I was really surprised with the quality of the tour which was much better than many paid ones I had before. Much history, facts, fun and personal details especially about the war in the '90's which I did not know that much about. Very much recommended!

13 May 2024 Cluj-Napoca
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Travelled alone - Apr 2024

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