Guru: Rushdi

Hello! I'm Rushdi, a 5th generation South African born and raised on the foothills of Table Mountain to parents who's forefathers were slaves brought to the Cape from the East during the slave trade. My forefathers built this city I call home and I look forward to sharing my experiences of this picturesque little corner of the world. Today, I am a proud husband and father, the last generation to have experienced apartheid and the first to have witnessed South Africa's remarkable turnaround. Passionate about my culture with a keen sense of adventure. I look forward to sharing my Cape Town the way only a local knows how. Get a taste of our heritage, fantastic flavors, sights and sounds from the comfort of a vehicle or a leisurely stroll through the city streets. I am here to help you achieve and create lasting memories. My Cape Town offers everything and more to every kind of traveler and because we are all unique I can help you design a tour 100% tailored to your requirements.

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