What to see in Rio de Janeiro with Free Walking Tours ?

Every Free Walking Tour has a different and unique approach depending on places and stories the guide wants to share with travellers. However, some of the most visited places in these Free Walking Tours in Rio de Janeiro are the following:

National Library;
Travessa do Comércio;
Maua Square;
Carioca Square;
Colombo Bakery;
Doca Pedro II;
XV Square;
Municipal Theater;
São Francisco da Prainha Church;
City Council;
Mar (Rio Art Museum);
Fine Arts Museum;
Imperial Palace;
Tiradentes Palace;
Docks Area;
Cais do Valongo;
Pedra do Sal;
Maua Pier;
Street Art;
Tomorrow Museum;

Explore every side of Rio de Janeiro on a funny and interesting way explained by a local or expat.. Some Free Walking Tours will take you to current and social history, discovering favelas and other trendy neighborhoods while other will show you the colonial old town and its architecture. Have an overview of the Carioca lifestyle and learn how a Portuguese colonial city has becoming one of the leading cities of Brazil. Get in the mood by listening and dancing some samba music and have some amazing caipirinha under the sun.

Reserve your spot now on one of the Free Walking Tours available and discover this city like nobody else can show it to you.