How much would you earn as a tour guide on the GuruWalk?

Find out how much you could earn

3,200 € a month
Working as a tour guide the big way!
Why do we say in a big way? Because we are already thousands of guides in the international GuruWalk community and all agree that it is a profession that allows you to meet people from all over the world, share your passion for your city and enjoy both flexibility and independence.
Are you looking for a job as a tour guide?
If you are tired of working for someone else as an official tour guide, GuruWalk is your opportunity. Choose when and how you want to work, design your own tours, choose which language you will use, and start generating income. Promote free tours around the world by working in any city in the world - join the GuruWalk movement!
Do you have any related degrees but not the official guide license?
If you have studied History, Tourism, History of Art or the Higher Degree of Tourist Guide we have good news for you. In many countries like Germany or Belgium the market is liberalized and you can work as a free tour guide without any problem. Others need you to have the license of your country or other requirements. If you have any questions you can contact us.

Three steps to work as a tour guide in GuruWalk

Publish your tour for free in any city

Share your tour with thousands of travelers as there is no registration fee on GuruWalk.

Choose when and how you want to work as a tour guide

Select your own schedule, your days, your languages, design your route as you wish - you are free to work at your own pace!

Start receiving bookings from travellers from all over the world

Create your tour, wait for us to approve it and access thousands of travelers from anywhere in the world.

How much does a tour guide charge or earns?

Free tours

The free tours are the first choice among travelers in all cities, so it is a good opportunity for any guide.

But are they free?

No, the concept of free tour does not mean free. Free in English is free and also freedom, therefore they are free tours where the traveler chooses the amount based on his experience and in GuruWalk we take care that the travelers know how the concept works.

How much can I earn?

Travelers give an average of 8 to 12 euros, with two tours a day and groups of 25 people, you get benefits far superior to private tours, what are you waiting for?

GuruWalk is your opportunity

GuruWalk gives you the possibility to work all over the world with total flexibility. Do you work as a tour guide in your city? Try GuruWalk and increase your income. Are you traveling and want to work in the city you are in? With GuruWalk you can. If you have a tourist guide's license you can work all over Europe freely, but if you don't have it, contact us to know which countries allow you to work and which ones don't. Find out the requirements for the city you want to work in.

Find out about the requirements in your autonomous community
  • Access to a network of more than 1 million travelers.
  • First community of tourist guides at an international level.
  • In your city or in any other in the world, you decide!
  • Personalized support: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Maximum online visibility on our platform.
  • Work from your passion with GuruWalk.

Answers to your questions

How do I get started on GuruWalk?

You simply have to design your own tour in the city you want, choose schedules, upload photos, add the tour description and you will start receiving travelers from all over the world.

How do travelers book me through GuruWalk?

Travelers come to GuruWalk and look for the city where they are going to travel. They choose the tour they want to take and book through the GuruWalk platform. If they make a booking on your guruwalk, a booking confirmation with all the information will be sent to your account and to your email.

Can I work as a tour guide abroad, in any city in the world?

Yes, our platform is international and allows you to work as a guide anywhere in the world. We have a mobility plan for official guides that you can't miss, if you want to know more about the plan, contact us.

Do I have to pay any fees to GuruWalk?

GuruWalk has two plans for all tour guides on the platform: - Hobby Plan: you will receive a limited number of travelers per day. - PRO Plan: unlimited number of travelers, plus we will add your tours in our Google campaigns, increasing by more than 50% the bookings you could receive in the Hobby plan. If you want to live from your passion, this is your plan.

What should I consider when creating my tour?

A tour with many bookings is a tour with a lot of availability. Keep in mind that travelers have their plans and need tours to fit their circumstances, so the more schedules, the more travelers. The photos, descriptions and your overall profile should inspire confidence, but don't worry about this part, the GuruWalk team will help you create the tours and optimize their performance on the platform.

How does the GuruWalk community work?

We are an international platform of guides that grows daily all over the world. The community helps, gives and receives advice being totally open so that anyone can help and participate in this family. Are you going to miss it?