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Coming in as the United Kingdom’s third-most populous metropolitan area with 3.3 million inhabitants, Manchester is host to many interesting and exciting landmarks and has become a hot spot for tourism in England. Located on the western side of the country, it is the home of one of England’s most dedicated football teams, Manchester United, along with a long list of musical acts, like Oasis. Whether it’s your first trip to here or you are returning for another vacation, this city has so much to discover and you should try doing a free walking tour with a local guide who can help you get to know you all of its hidden-charms. 

With your guide’s assistance, you will be introduced to so much more inside information about Manchester’s local history.  You will be able to understand the layout of the city as soon as you do the tour and your guide will definitely give you some great recommendations for what to do, see and eat for the rest of your trip. Check out the free tours available that will take you to iconic places in Manchester like the “Theater of Dreams” for United, Old Trafford Stadium, Town Hall, the modern architecture of the Lowry, the John Rylands Library, the Manchester Museum, and the Manchester Art Gallery downtown. Take a stroll over to Castlefield Urban Heritage Park, learn about devastation of the city in the Imperial War Museum North, and about its rich textile history in Lancaster House. 

All of the free walking tours in Manchester have been reviewed and rated by other tourists like you. They have evaluated the tour guide’s work and also the route of the tour, this way you can find which walking tour is best for you. The tours are available in different languages and at different points of the day, like the morning, afternoon, and evening. Nearby cities that have a guided free walking tour on GuruWalk are Belfast, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.