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Hello travelers! We are a group of guides happy to live and work in Budapest! With degrees in History of Art and Tourism. And after years of experience in the city, we have come up with the recipe for the perfect free tour: INGREDIENTS: -300 grams of history (just enough so that you don't get saturated) -150 grams of legends -several tablespoons of curiosities, gossip and news - "salt shaker" to the taste of the guide -A handful of tricks so that you learn to move around the city - A guide wanting to enjoy yourself - A motivated public PREPARATION: We start by adding the 300 grams of history, because every tour has to start with a good historical context. But immediately we add 150 grams of legends to the mixture in small doses and stir well until a well-homogeneous and balanced dough is left. Let it rest and add salt to taste until you start to hear a few laughs. That is the signal that tells you that the mix is on the right track. It is then the right time to add several spoonfuls of curiosities, gossip and current affairs, always at the request of the diner. All this is put in the oven for 2 and a half hours at maximum power. And to avoid that the dough does not drop, go adding tricks and recommendations. If the steps have been followed well, we assure you a good free tour. And if the recipe is also made in Budapest, success is guaranteed!

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22 May 2024 Salta
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Travelled in couple - May 2024

Excelente recorrido con Almudena!! La verdad lo súper recomiendo. Con mi mamá acabábamos de llegar a la ciudad e hicimos el tour con un poco de miedo por las subidas, pero accesible para todo público y SÚPER entretenido! Si pueden elegir ir con Almudena, no se lo pierdan. Sabe muchísimo sobre historia y arte!

22 May 2024 Vitoria-Gasteiz
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Travelled in group - Feb 2024

Encantadora, pese a que callo la tormenta más grande de la semana , ella no perdió la sonrisa, nos metió a lugares para no mojarnos y nos hizo partícipes de todo, muy profesional un 12!

22 May 2024 Buenos Aires
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Travelled in couple - Mar 2024

Laura fue muy amable y con mucha paciencia y dedicación nos explicó a todos la historia de esta gran ciudad Súper recomendable si visitas por primera vez.

21 May 2024 Madrid
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Travelled in group - May 2024

20 May 2024 Barcelona
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Travelled in couple - May 2024

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