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Hello! I am a Professional Tour Guide and I have the official credential of the city.

If you think TRAVEL is freedom, joy, a state of well-being that heals, a need, a pure passion that increases with every place you know ... we have to share the experience!

And if you feel that TRAVEL is to learn, it is to discover, it is the curiosity for new horizons, unknown cultures, incredible people... let's walk together Buenos Aires!

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5 days ago

The walk was cancelled due to rain. Then it was cancelled again because the guide wanted to see our passports to ensure that we are at least 14 days in Argentina (as per government regulations). This regulation was in place already when the tour was cancelled the first time. The guide told us that he is compliant with government regulations, does not normally have foreign guests and does not accept cash.



16 days ago

Fantastic tour with a fantastic guide. Gustavo showed us hidden treasures we would not have found without him and helped us discover a neighborhood we may have skipped over otherwise. He has a lot of knowledge of the Barracas area and tells great stories, and is clearly passionate about the importance of truly getting to know a place. Highly recommend!



16 days ago

Great tour, off the beaten track