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At the crossroads between the American continents, Panama City is representative of an interesting blend of cultures and architectural styles. Founded by a Spanish conquistador in 1519, only to be burnt to the ground in 1671 by the infamous Captain Henry Morgan, this city is full of rich stories about its past for you to discover on your guided free walking tour. Since then Panama City has grown to become the largest city and also the capital of Panama and was a strategic location for the iconic construction of the Panama Canal, which continues to attract both vessels and tourists from all over the world. 

With over 1.5 million people living in the metropolitan area, Panama City is full of charming cultures that span across its many neighborhoods and it is a great idea to try a free walking tour with a local guide here. Get to see all the iconic landmarks in the city like the Panama Canal from the Miraflores Visitor’s Center, Panama Viejo which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or the Biomuseo designed by Frank Gehry. Get a photo in front of the Panama sign, stroll to Panama’s Old Town-Casco Antiguo, check out a play at the National Theater, visit the Cathedral, find out about the canal construction at the Interoceanic Canal Museum. You will also get to discover many hidden gems that most tourists never get the chance like when you take a hike up Ancon Hill for the amazing views. 

All the free tours available in Panama City have been reviewed and rated by other walkers like you. If you’d like to know more about the route or the tour guide, just read up on the webpage about the evaluations people have left. There are tours available in different languages and also at different parts of the day, like the morning, afternoon, and evening so you can fit your walking tour into your schedule with ease. Other cities with a local guide who can take you on a free walking tour that may be of interest to you include Managua or Tunja. 

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