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Hi! I'm Sarah, an Australian who has been living in Berlin for eight years. I have been a full time professional tour guide for most of my time here. I love being able to share the reasons why I now love to call Berlin home with my visitors. I offer a range of tours so please get in touch if you are looking for a tailored tour! Look forward to seeing you.

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Condemi Alessandro 2 months

Great tour, a lot of interestung stories and Sarah knows well the history of Berlin

Response from Sarah
Thank you so much for joining. It was a pleasure!
Ksenia 2 months

Irene 3 months

Nos ha gustado mucho el tour con Sarah, hemos aprendido rincones de la ciudad y curiosidades de los grafitis. Recomendable 100%

Constantin 3 months

Sarah really knows her stuff. Thank you so much for an amazing tour.

Apolonia 4 months

Thank you for the fantastic tour. Sarah was a great guide! I have been living in this city for a year now, opposite the wall memorial but still got a lot of new insights. Motivated, knowledgeable and devoted, Sarah made this tour a great experience.

Response from Sarah
Thank you for the review, Apolonia! Was great having you along and I’m glad you were able to learn new things.

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