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We, MEXICO A PIE (Mexico by foot), love our country and our city; we are proud to share our culture, our history, our legends and colors with our knowledge and passion.

We believe that travelling must be culture and lifestyle centered: you should be able to see what makes the city tick. So, every day, our guides offer WALKING TOURS in Mexico City, with a special characteristic: the balanced mix of culture and entertainment, making your visit to our city a unique experience.

Our guides are LOCAL PEOPLE certified by the Ministry of Tourism giving you the guaranty that he or she had approved all the government regulations. We know our stuff! Look out for our WHITE UMBRELLAS with MEXICO A PIE WALKING TOURS logo.

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5 months ago

Such a fun and informative tour. Anna was great! She ensured everyone had water and that we were up to continuing the tour. I learned more than my brain can hold onto but it was really nice to know the history behind the buildings we were seeing, the city and the country as a whole. I highly recommend this tour!!!



7 months ago


Ariadna Villacres

8 months ago

Elizabeth muy buena guía nos explicó lo más simbólico del centro de México, los recomiendo!

Mexicoapie cuadro

Response from Mexico a Pie:

¡Ariadna, Gracias por caminar con nosotros en un museo al aire libre! :)