Discover Walks

We are Discover Walks: Europe's #1 for custom and private tours.

When you pick a tour, you ask yourself: does it rate high?

But you can also ask: will they both show me the must-see landmarks and “take me backstage” for a taste of the real city?

Do they keep their groups small, with good facetime with the guide?

Will my guide be not some expat, but a true local with a passion for her/his hometown? A guide able to give me more than just facts, dates and figures?

In other words, will I be just another tourist? Or will they “lift the curtain” for me?

Discover Walks creates tours that include both the tourist must-sees and locals’ hidden gems. We select guides who are true locals with great personalities. We train them to be engaging and personable and to tell a story well. We keep our groups small, by adding an extra guide when necessary.

Welcome on our tours!