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**Covid-19 & Lockdown**: Due to restrictions, the 'Craft Beer Tour' is currently not running. The 'Sex, Drugs & Brighton Rock - Nightlife Tour' is running on a limited and reduced schedule. We hope that both tours will resume in December.

'Walk!Brighton' is the original and official Free Walking Tours platform of Brighton! The tours were launched in the summer of 2018 by Mike, a Swiss-Swedish-English musician and philosopher who's been living in Brighton since 2002. Mike is joined by lovely bohemian Niamh, a well-travelled anthropologist and bar lady. Both of them are bonkers and mad about all things Brighton!

Mike: 'I originally moved here because of the vibrant and fantastic music scene, which I am still very much a part of today - you may even be lucky enough to catch me playing a gig somewhere! I am a craft beer and meditation enthusiast, a huge fan of free walking tours and love traveling myself. As a big history buff- both orthodox and off-track - I have fallen in love with the fascinating, quirky and colourful history of this fantastic city!

Niamh: Originally from Bournemouth, I am never situated too far from the beach and have recently moved from Costa del Sol to Costa del Brighton! With vibrant artistic alleys and music echoing through the quirky streets, it’s no surprise that Brighton captured my heart - it was love at first sight! I am an Anthropology/Spanish student and a travel enthusiast, always fascinated by other cultures and getting to know new walks of life. I have offered tours in the South of England and Malaga, so I am extremely excited to embark on this latest adventure of being a tour guide in the culturally rich city of Brighton!

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Louise Coates 04/29/2021

Very friendly, cheery and helpful Guru. We saw lots of amazing places we didn’t know about and learnt a lot. Thanks!

Quinton Hobson 04/27/2021

We had a great time being shown around the beautiful centre of Brighton. Our guide, Niamh, was fantastic. She was a very friendly, chatty and wholesome person who did a great job showing us around the town, and filling us in with interesting a quirky facts and histories of Brighton.

Sofia felipez 04/25/2021

Helena Raes 09/20/2020

I would definitely recommend this tour. Mike has a lot of knowledge about Brighton and the history of the area. He brings this with humor and entertainment which is great! Definitely worth taking him along to show you the great spots in the city!!

Katie 09/14/2020

Great tour with Mike, my tour ended up being a 1:1 tour with Mike as unfortunately another 4 booked didn't arrive, boo to them and YAY for me :0) Mike was really fun, informative, happy to answer my many and varied questions and really brought Brighton alive for me in terms of historical facts and modern history too. Very personable, friendly, knowledgeable and a really nice chap all round. Oh, and also gave a fantastic coffee stop recommendation which was super great. Highly recommend.

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