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FollowMe Toledo (Free Tour). We are official guides of Toledo, with 10 years of experience in the sector. We always look for new experiences for the client to enjoy the city, so we have the Rodrigo de la Fuente House visit that can only be visited with FollowMe Toledo. A house palace from the fifteenth century of a family of Jewish converts of the city and the most important silk merchants. Rodrigo De la Fuente and his family were highly related with El Greco, even mentioned in La ilustre Fregona, come with us and we'll tell you.

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14 Apr 2024 Villarrobledo
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Travelled in group - Mar 2024

Carlos ha demostrado ser un muy buen guía, conocedor de la materia ,cercano ,ameno ....,en fin ,se ha pasado el tiempo volando.Gracias

14 Apr 2024 Toledo
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Travelled in couple - Apr 2024

Es una experiencia genial el tener una guía como Sara

14 Apr 2024 Coffs Harbour
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Travelled in couple - Apr 2024

Great tour to get a feel for the city. Sarah topped rhe charts by visiting an underground ruins at a Unesco site. You won't get this on any other tour as Sarah has a special contact. Simply amazing!

13 Apr 2024 Madrid
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Travelled in group - Apr 2024

13 Apr 2024 Granada
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Travelled alone - Apr 2024

Very lively exposition

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