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Hi, I am Marcello, nice to meet you! I was born and raised in this town and I know from the very inside its soul and its local day by day life, which is is exactly what I wish to share with you during the tour. I really hope to transmit you my passion for the real and authentic spirit of Naples, showing not only its hidden beauty but also its vivid and social contrasts.

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Pere pique ferran

7 months ago

Un tour muy interesante, nos ha dado a conocer los contrastes de Nápoles, así como parte de su historia.

Repetiria este tipo de tour en cualquier ciudad.



Jaume casals

7 months ago


Luis Vicente

7 months ago

Un tour excepcional, conociendo y encontrando rincones de esta ciudad que si no fuese por Marcelo, nunca hubiésemos conocido.