About Paola

Hello, we are Pao and Peter!

Pao : Im an artist, professional model and actress. Im 50% Peruvian and 50% Italian, the best combination between American history and European traditions. Also im a passionate traveller, and I have lived in Perú (where I was born), Dubai, Mexico and now Italy. I have visited many countries, such as Panama, France, Belgium, Argentina, Uruguay, Romania and it keeps counting :)

Peter: I am from Cape Town, South Africa. I'm IT specialist, And I'm also a geographical missionary, discovering new locations in a variety places. I help people to see the hidden things or places. I speak perfect English and good German.

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Gabriel Torres

6 months ago

Muy interesante y de calidad


Ana Izco

6 months ago

No ha habido Tour y no han avisado. Mandaron email de confirmación horas antes y al llegar al punto de encuentro y ver que no estaba nadie llamamos a Paola y nos dijo que se había cancelado y nadie nos había avisado. Nos quedamos con muy mala impresión. Vergonzoso!!!!!



6 months ago