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PROFESSIONAL TOUR GUIDES WITH GREAT GUIDING EXPERIENCE IN BILBAO. Bilbao Free Tour Experience is the result of a collaboration between a team of professional tour guides whose area of competence is not limited only to Bilbao but to the entire Euskadi-Basque Country. Upon graduation in Tourism, Art History and other higher university degrees, since 2002 we are dedicated to the outreach and dissemination of the artistic, cultural and natural heritage of the entire Basque autonomous community, as well as of its most important private and public museums. Our team has an extensive experience in the field of tourism, we have received tourists and travelers from more than 80 countries with tours available in 5 languages. We believe that a renewed tourism is possible and this is why we propose a range of initiatives in order to take care of the city and the environment. We also encourage the interaction between commerce and local culture with a more sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism. We are happy to guide you, to provide some advices and share with you our experience and our knowledge. We want to bring you closer to our city and help you get to know the most interasting places, explore them in details with respect to the environment so that you will discover the rich heritage and history of its streets, squares and spots.


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Chaewon about 16 hours

It was really interesting! I was the only one in the tour, and Unai really explained through about the history and the stories about the place. I also appreciate all the pixcho bar recommendations :)

cristina carbajo 7 days

El amigo unai estuvo más de dos horas y fue superdetallista con todos los conceptos que nos estaba explicando. A pesar del frío se hizo muy ameno!

Sandra Ruiz 12 days

El tour fue estupendo. Sirve para entender el origen de la ciudad y su historia. Las explicaciones fueron muy claras y fáciles de seguir

Enara Bidaurrazaga Angulo 20 days

Fue estupendo. Tanto el tour y lo que te enseñan (lugares emblemáticos de Bilbao, edificios históricos y curiosidades arquitectónicas), como las explicaciones tan detalladas e interesantes. 100% recomendable. Unai fue majísimo y muy profesional.

Mercedes Biedma Perea 20 days

Ratings (250)