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Hi! I am Isa and I feel like I'm a "seeker" of wisdom, and what interests me most is doing things that really matter, so I love creating experiences that foster meaningful relationships.

I am a PhD in Sociology and Specialization in Ecopsychology, and my current research is based on the Neoplatonic philosophy of the Renaissance and the works of art and architecture that this historical philosophical movement created.

So I am really honored to invite you to my experiences that I believe are interesting and revealing, and most and foremost, to distill something useful for your own life. Looking forward to meeting you soon!!

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19 May 2024 Toulouse
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Travelled in couple - May 2024

It was a great tour filled with interesting anecdotes about Da Vinci and his time in Milan. Isa is well versed with the topics relating to Da Vinci and explained patiently our doubts and questions. Will definitely recommend this walking tour. Looking forward to attending the other tours Lisa conducts, the next time I'm in Milan.

18 May 2024 Cairo
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Travelled in couple - May 2024

17 May 2024 Modi'in-Maccabim-Re'ut
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Travelled alone - May 2024

ISA was amazing, knowledgeable, professional and pleasant to spend the time with. The tour was fascinating, as I was exposed to very unique, special and secret points in Milan. Highly recommended

16 May 2024 Belgrade
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Travelled in couple - Apr 2024

Isa was really great guide. Very pleasant person and very informative. She has my full recommendations!

13 May 2024 Sydney
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Travelled in couple - May 2024

Isa was very good in revealing the 7 secrets, by dropping hints about what they were and getting us to interact. Clearly explained what the Renaissance period was and her english was very good.

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