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Followme Granada was founded by two locals in love with the charming city of Granada with a long proved experience in the tourism industry.

We are committed to giving a voice to self-employed guides who have chosen Granada as their home. By ensuring that every guide represents our unique style of mixing history and story-telling while maintaining their own personality to connect with travelers, we provide these local freelancers the possibility to inform and entertain you. We work with the best Granada´s industry, we believe that history is the best story, and that dull and heavy retelling of history is simply unprofessional guiding. The guides we work with won’t just hit you with an onslaught of facts, dates and names, but will bring the past alive through their unique and animated blend of story telling.

The unforgettable guides on their Free Tours work on a tips-only basis, so the highest quality is guaranteed! We believe that if money is given, it should be voluntary and in direct proportion to the quality of the tour and the budget of the traveler. Satisfied customers tip what they think the tour was worth!

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4 months ago

Great tour. The history and beauty was fabulous. Our guide was wonderful, we loved it. The tour was a good length.



4 months ago

Muy bien, instructivo y agradable.

Muchas gracias.


Ana ruiz

5 months ago