I am Swasti and I am half Singaporean and half Indian. I used to spend almost every summer in London for my parents' work and that's how I discovered the secret treasures of this beautiful city. I live here now, for a year I am studying at Kings College London.

I love travelling, always have and I love adventure sports. My favourite part about travelling is meeting new people and since I do less of that now because of University, I do this job as a tour guide. I have studied history through high school and still am as a module in University, the UK happens to be the centre of some of the most spectacular historic markets, cultural centres, traditions, architecture and literature.

Being able to give these tours almost feels like putting hours of history lectures and seminars into real life practice and I hope everyone is as excited about that as I am. I do take parents and prospective students for tours around my university campus and enjoy the questions, excitement and confusion at times! Feel free to stop me at any time and ask me anything (even if its to take an instagram worthy picture of you); I can't promise I will answer all your questions but will certainly do my best to do the same!