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My name is Darko. Last 20 years I am living and working in Dubrovnik as a professional licensed guide. I have a passion for history, music and motorcycles. Living in Croatia for my 43 years I developed great love for my country and this part of the world and would like to share all of that with you. Join me for a walk in a small, relaxed group and have a perfect welcome to this wonderful city in such a beautiful country - see town of Dubrovnik through the eyes of a passionate Croatian keen to share with you his authentic view of this ancient and fascinating place!

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Luke 09/19/2021

Darko was an excellent guide. There were only four of us and so it was a much better experience than larger groups AND he is a Croatian who was involved in the production of GOT. Very fun, friendly and knowledgeable

Tomas 09/18/2021

Felipe 09/15/2021

Darko is the most amazing guide! Really cares about giving everyone the best experience they could have! Deserves all the love and success in the world !

Astrid 09/14/2021

Darko was a really cool guide. The tour felt very short term but lastet two hours. He explained the history of Dubrovnik and the scenes of game of thrones in funny and understandable way. We clearly recommend to go with Darko when visiting Dubrovnik.

Eva 09/13/2021

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