Hello my name is Maria, I am guru of Munich:) I'm a funny person or so my partner says;), I love art, travel, and communicate. I enjoy being with people, teaching the wonders of the city where I live, learning from other people and their way of seeing life and talking and talking and talking (that's why I'm a personal guide and coach....)

I consider myself a kind person with people and I love to meet and talk with people from other countries, I always thought that knowing from other places we learn and makes us grow:) I've traveled thousands of places, from Far East to far West. I have lived in several countries (Spain, UK, USA, Ireland, Nepal, Italy and now in Munich, being a citizen of the world, although Mediterranean to almost 100por100 (I feel I a from Barcelona and Valencia 95% with drops of other sites) being my current city Munich. I love almost everything that has to do with this city, "This is my story: Munich is now my home, and I do not know if it is the most beautiful city in the world but well worth a visit or two. And even if it is not the most beautiful city in the universe (ahead are Barcelona and Valencia, this is personal taste, you see I throw the earth) I know that you will enjoy with me and I decided to go to the street to teach it so that you (travellers) leave of Bavaria with the Sens To have been in a beautiful city full of life! Servus

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Historical Center Free Walking Tour of Munich 07/29/2021