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Sie7e Estrellas is made up of three professional guides from Madrid who together accumulate nearly 20 years of experience. We are young but we have been at this for a long time. We have worked with the largest Free Tours company and now we have opened this tour to get to know Madrid from different disciplines. If you are from Madrid you will always know a new aspect of this wonderful city. If it is your first visit to the city we warn you one thing: Madrid will conquer you and you will end up coming back.

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Ratings (733)

Begoña 09/20/2021

Paloma 09/20/2021

Ludovic 09/20/2021

Iram fue un excelente guia que se adapto al clima inclemente ese dia optimizando el recorrido y haciendonos descubrir Madrid no solamente del lado historico sino tambien de la actualidad. MUY RECOMENDABLE

Ana 09/20/2021

Irene 09/20/2021

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Ratings (733)