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Hello, I have been living in Istanbul for 30 years and working as a local guide for 10 years. Every day I meet new people around the world and introducing the city that is 8500 years old and I live in are priceless, and amazing!

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William Davies 4 months

This was a very good tour. The guide was very kind and gave us lots of info about history religion culture in Istanbul.

Olivia Jones 4 months

This tour is great! The guide was very knowledgeable, funny, and respectful. He told us a lot of tips on how to enjoy our visit here. He also answered all the questions we had about the history of Istanbul. Definitely recommend this tour for others.

george scott 4 months

Great Tour!! Learned so much about Istanbul and enjoyed the tour!! Would definitely recommend.

Response from Bugra
Thank you so much George!
Micheal 4 months

It was an exceptional tour .Very knowledgeable and the guide answering all the questions that people had. He will take you to the sites and will give you an explanation with history lesson. All the history about historical sites and the section of the tour were very interesting. I would strongly recommend the tour.

Response from Bugra
It'is your kind Micheal thanks!

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