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Alegría Tours Belgium is the first cooperative of guides in Spanish of all Belgium. What does this mean? We are a group of guides with full experience that seeks to build a model of responsible tourism without hierarchies. We will show you the most spectacular and beautiful areas, the magic corners of the cities you visit, but we will also show you the B side of one of the most complex countries in Europe.

If you want to move around this country as if you were in your own home, do not hesitate! Tours loaded with anecdotes, legends and myths, but also a lot of truth, a lot of intrigue, a lot of history and a lot of fun.

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6 months ago


Ana Lucio

6 months ago

La chica no se presentó, y yo estuve puntual en el lugar donde decía y no me enviaron ningún mensaje para decir si llegaban tarde


Paola Londoño

6 months ago

Lastimosamente no pude tomar el tour pero me imagino que fue genial como todos los que hacen.