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Hi! I'm Nick.

Ex Navy and MIT (B.S. in Operations Research). So far, I've worked in the USA, France, Belgium, Greece, the Netherlands, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Georgia and Portugal. Lost my dad very young and learned to survive in a competitive world. I've worked for Dropbox, Rothmans, Randstad, Telepeformance, Touche Ross as well as individuals (aide/guard/carer). Both white and blue collar jobs.

I do specialist a la carte walks for the clients of Guruwalk since 2018. I'm not a professional tour guide nor do I want to become one, instead my goal is to provide innovative and niche services to tourists. Rather than copy existing, especially mass market, tour services (see Blue Ocean Strategy for my rationale). Guruwalk is not my job, I do it for pleasure.

Looking forward to hearing from you re my Athens A La Carte Guruwalk. You and your team will be the only members of the walk. No mixed walk groups. Please make sure you specify when you book 1) the date, start time and duration that suits you best 2) where you want to meet, and 3) the types of places you want to be taken to. You will. Safely. 4) ) Details about you so that I can formulate the walk to best suit your needs.

You are expected to tip based on your purchasing power and satisfaction from the walk.

Please check a few walks available by Guruwalk, not only mine, before you choose one of my walks. 2019-2020 Athens is a great city to visit if you have a guruwalker with you.


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3 months ago

Nick is not a guide!

We did not got a tour. He has no plan.

Do not reserve that guide please,,

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Response from Nick:

I urge anyone who reads your review to read my profile and the brief of my AthensALaCarte walk before they decide for themselves. The walk is based on what each client says they want at the beginning of the walk that they want to see, not prefab. It is stated clearly. There is no plan, the a la carte brand communicates this too. Plus they should note it is not offered in French. If a reader of your review wants a prefab walk by a guide of the type you imply, yes, they should indeed choose one of the other tours offered by other gurus, I fully agree. Glad to know you made it back to Piraeus. Give my best to your husband and thanks for your review which helps me explain that my walk is not of the type one expects from generic mass audience products offered by mass tour operators outside GW. Thanx again and Happy Thanksgiving!