About Nick

Hi! I'm Nick, alumnus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the USA and INSEAD in France.

I speak English and French. I've traveled extensively in North America and Europe and worked for Dropbox.com in 2016-2017.

Why choose my tours:

1. I'm a European/international affairs blogger since 2003. I have worked in Brussels as a lobbyist.

2. I know both ancient and modern Athens and Greece and their history, society, economy and politics well.

3. They are free, fast and full of facts and details. Due to the flex schedule of my 2019 job, we can do this any time of the day, every day, except 14:15-15:15 (lunch).

4. You will be secure. I know Athens, its risks

5. Pii: You don't have to have your picture taken to market my next tours.

6. I know Greek and EU bureaucracy and overlegislation well.

7, My POV is multi-cultured and friends mostly non Greek.

8. You can ask me any question you want any time during the walk (ie fully interactive).

9. I can explain Athens, Greece and the EU from your perspective, not Greece's, provided you let me know which that is, either when you book the walk or at the start of the walk.

10. The tour can be on foot and/or public transport (1.40 per person for 100 minutes), your car or rented car or taxi or the tour buses. I don't charge by the minute re the tip.

11. If you book in advance, can design special walks for your team at no extra cost. Your team pays only via tips.

12. Groups of 2 to 20, national or inter-national and inter-cultural.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Please specify when you book the start time that suits you best, where u want to meet, and the types of places you want to be taken to.

You will. Safely.


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