About Nick

Hi! I'm Nick. MIT '85 and Northwestern '87. I also have an MBA from INSEAD in France.

I'm a wealth manager and econ analyst since I was 20. I've traveled extensively in North America and Europe: NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia, DC, Mass., England, Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, Warsaw, Sofia, Istanbul. No Asia, Africa, Oceania or Central and South America yet. But worked for Dropbox Global Business Support in 2016-2017 helping American, Canadian, Australian, British and other clients from around the planet resolve Billing and Payments and urgent product use issues to maximize their value out of Dropbox. Have also worked as a bodyman in Belgium and Greece and right hand man/geek in many countries. My wife is a migrant.

Why choose my a la carte tour of Athens City:

1. I've lived in Athens for many years. Kolonaki, Patissia, Areos Park, Kallithea and Pangrati.

2. I know both ancient and modern Athens and Greece and their history, society, economy and politics.

3. I provide facts and details and do it fast unless you have more time. This style appeals to a niche of visitors to Greece some think I am a robot lol. I do not charge by the minute or hour.

4. Due to the flex schedule of my current job, we can do a free guided tour any time of the day, any day of the week, for minimum 1 hr up to eg 24 hrs, except 14:15-15:15. Please book early If you can and provide info on what type of information you need from the guruwalk tour and in general. Please be as specific as you can in order to maximize the value of the tour to you and to your group or team if you have one. Irrespective of nationality. All nationalities and religions welcome as long as they speak English as a first or as a foreign language.

5. You will be secure during all parts of the walk. Why? I am 6'3" and know by now all 2019 parts of Athens City and most of its suburbia and its risks. Security and privacy: Dress casually is the general rule. Ask me for advice on this. You don't have to have your picture taken after or during the tour to market my next tours. The photos are my wife and I to keep tourists' pii private.

6. I know Greek and EU bureaucracy and overlegislation well. So ask me for a briefing if you are non EU and need one.

7. My point of view is multi-cultured. My friends in Athens and on social media are mostly non Greek from all continents.

8. You and your mates can ask me any question you want any time during the walk (ie fully interactive).

9. I can explain Athens, Greece and the EU from your perspective, not Greece's, provided you let me know which that is, either when or after you book the walk.

10. The tour can be on foot and/or public transport (1.60 per person for 90 minutes), your rented car or a local taxi or the hop on tour buses. Acropolis costs 20 so you go up after I brief you and I will wait for you at the entrance. It will take you 20-30 minutes. There is also a more expensive museum ticket for all Athenian ancient sites.

12. Your team can be1 to 20 persons, national or inter-national and inter-cultural.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Please make sure you specify when you book the start time and duration that suits you best, where you want to meet, and the types of places you want to be taken to.

Photo: Eating a 1 Euro burger at McD's on Syntagma Square! lol

You will. Safely.


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