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Explore Culture, Arts and Entertainment is a non profit org. composed of volunteers with no affiliations to third parties that aims to promote the rich cultural and historical heritage of Greece. We are a group of local storytellers who love sharing stories in a smart, funny and entertaining way and we look forward to showing around.

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Mike Davis 07/28/2021

Today was our third tour with Ioannis, which already attests to our enjoyment & satisfaction :) Among other topics, we learned about the city's architecture and planning, or lack thereof ;) Though we live in Israel, we knew very little about the history and fate of Thessaloniki's Jewish community. So this tour was an eye-opener for us, as well as for tourists from other countries. Once again - thank you, Ioannis, and we hope to meet again some day!

Paul McCloud 07/24/2021

Simone Heine 07/24/2021

It was a wonderfull tour. Lots of inspiring stories about the ancient goddesses and gods, beautyful things to see and nice and relaxing atmosphere. Thank you Ioannis, we fully enjoyed.

Mike Davis 07/22/2021

Another lovely, edifying yet entertaining day with Ioannis in bright 🌞😎 hot Thessaloniki. Participants were attentive, appreciative, interested and friendly.

Mike Davis 07/21/2021

What a perfect combination - fascinating history, beautiful art and relics, and a very knowledgeable and charming tour guide! Looking forward to our next outing with Ioannis.

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