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Zona Meiga

In this land of Meigas, a good queimada accompanied by its CONXURO can never be missing, and we have the perfect recipe: 50% - young people who make up our team. All the witches need young people to be able to stay alive for thousands and thousands of years. 10% theatrics - Have you ever found yourself being led by a witch? Or a young promise of music from the 80s? or better, have you ever been the protagonist on the tour? 20% Historical Accuracy - We invented something... But only to create our characters. 5% Unique Tours - Something you haven't seen anywhere else. We are pioneers in creativity and originality, which is why we have all our clients SPELLED. 5% IMAGINATION - And you don't know the stories we make up, like good Galicians. With all these ingredients we have the perfect queimada to teach you through our UNIQUE tours in Galicia, everything you need to know about this land of Meigas. Reserve, that they take it from us with the broom, or was it from our hands?

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14 Apr 2024 Zaragoza
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Travelled in couple - Apr 2024

19 Mar 2024 Berga
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Travelled alone - Mar 2024

Excelente tour sobre la huella de distintas personalidades en la ciudad de Vigo

01 Jan 2024 Madrid
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Travelled in couple - Dec 2023

03 Sep 2023 Corralejo
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Travelled in group - Sep 2023

María José
26 Aug 2023 Toledo
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Travelled in couple - Aug 2023

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