About Arun

"Namaskaram" and Welcome to God's Own country. I wish to fill your day in Kerala with a memorable and joyful tour. I have studied a Post Graduate Course in Tourism and I have 7 years of experience in the travel industry and also I am an approved licensed tour guide from State of Kerala.

I am a native of Kerala and here you can explore the cultural, historical, nature and the local village life. I am responsible in helping people to visit unfamiliar areas and making special trips with groups of tourists in order to show them important places of the state/town. I have been doing so with many groups of tourists of different nationalities since 2012.

I am not just a professional guide alone, but also someone who is concerned of all matters about tourists including their health, safety and security and even been a solace to those who have lost their loved ones on tour. I believe that these qualities in me have proven essential to perform better.

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