Rodolfo (Fito)

I was born and grew up in a small town in western Honduras, located within the ruins of the world-famous Maya archaeological site of Copán. I spent my childhood playing at the ruins of this ancient Maya kingdom and I had the opportunity to witness many of the discoveries made during the excavations conducted on-site. When I was 15 years old I started to guide visitors to the ruins during the weekends, the interaction with visitors helped me to learn English. After I finished high school I started to study at the National University at Tegucigalpa but I also continued guiding at the Maya ruins every time I had the opportunity, and then one day I discovered the Maya culture and nature were my passion and I left my studies to dedicate full time to work as a tour guide. Over the years I have received training courses in tourism, nature, archaeology, and history. My ability in languages permitted me to learn to speak, read and write in English and Italian, besides Spanish, I have dedicated the last 25 years to guiding the Maya sites in Honduras and leading trips in Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize.