About Moussa

Hello travelers !

I'm Moussa , Guru of Athens :) , I like the city of Athens with these mysteries .

I'm a fun guy (well, that's what my friends says ;) ) I consider myself kind to people and I love meeting and talking with people from other countries.

I am open mind , always ready show what i learned in my life and to learn a new things .

For me , nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced !

Thank you

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10 days ago

I signed up for 2different tours on 2following days with him and he didnt show up for bpth of them wihout notifying in advanve



1 years ago



2 years ago

Moussa met us promptly at our agreed time. His personal story is gripping. Moussa is open to questions and he shows a side of Athens that is rarely seen by tourists. We felt safe and yet we saw a very different part of the city and it’s people.