About Manny

I am passionate about my city, I love to explore its places, and to explain and show to other people the attractions and important sites of Santa Marta. I hope that visiting this city with me, you learn to appreciate it and feel more interested in spending time in it.

I am a world traveler, I like to visit places, visit them and be able to appreciate unique places. I think I would be your best guide because I know the recent and ancient history of my city, and because I work in tourism for pleasure.

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4 days ago

Es un exclente guia, muy certero es sus respuestas y maneja muy bien la historia, muy



14 days ago

El guía no transmitía suficientes conocimientos para tratarse de un tour histórico. Última media hora del tour totalmente innecesaria.



18 days ago

Santa Marta is beautiful, and Manuel shows you the city in a very special way. Totally recommended this tour.