I am Jordana Recasens, from Barcelona. An enterprising woman, with great positivism and inner strength. Enthusiastic and very organized, team leader and with great commercial skills. I have lived in the United States and in Italy and I am a frequent traveller with rapid adaptation to other cultures and points of view. Double Spanish-Dutch nationality and animal and nature lover. With a bachelor in Art History and in Social Anthropology, and with a Master in Business Management, I am passionate about the culture, history of art and gastronomy of Barcelona and Spain. I love to share all my knowledge with visitors, so they feel like locals. I will make art, history, gastronomy and culture come alive, while I will show hidden and secret places that only well-informed locals know, always looking for the unusual. By digging up the unique art of the city, its history, the language, the food and, ultimately, its people, I will make this a truly unique and different travel experience, which will reveal the true soul of Barcelona. I have been working as a tourist guide in Barcelona and Catalonia since 2016 and I love getting to know new cultures and visiting new places in the world, so traveling is without a doubt my greatest passion. I have traveled through Europe, Asia, Africa and America, and what better way to travel every day that through stories of travelers coming and going every day